‘Where’s the Sympathy?’: Gymnast-Turned-Singer Normani Proud of Simone Biles for Prioritizing Mental Health During Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Simone Biles is inarguably the greatest female gymnast ever. Last year, during the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, Biles made headlines for choosing to sit out during her events.

Consequently, she sparked a worldwide debate about mental health, which also made her a household name across the globe. Since then, Biles certainly seems to be doing better, even planning her nuptials with fiance Jonathan Owens.






American singer Nomani Kordei, who used to be an athlete herself, has some words of praise and support for Simone Biles. In a recent interview, she talked about Biles and the Tokyo Olympics incident.

Speaking to EliteDaily, popular singer Normani talked about her debut album and brand partnerships. Moreover, she also talked about being an athlete herself, and Simone Biles’ Tokyo 2020 controversy.

Firstly, she shared how her new ad campaign with Cracker Jill is about women empowerment. Moreover, she drew inspiration for the same from her past as a competitive gymnast and dancer.





In that vein, she reminisced over her past as a gymnast and expressed how she wished to have been like Simone Biles. Thus, she also expressed gratitude for the presence of role models for girls, like Biles and Gabby Douglas.

When asked about the criticisms Simone faced for prioritizing her mental health, Normani stated how she could relate. In fact, she related not only as a gymnast, but as someone who grew up in the public eye.








After that, she expressed disdain over how people tend to misunderstand athletes, especially those of color. Then, talking about Simone’s experience at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Normani stated how people just assumed that Simone was ungrateful “to have such a beautiful opportunity”.

“Where’s the sympathy?” Normani asked. “She’s (Simone Biles) given us so much,”she continued. She then mentioned the amount of stress Simone must have gone through to get to the point where she bowed out of the Olympics.

Normani is proud of Simone for her decision.

When Simone Biles chose to pull out of the Olympic all-around gymnastics final for the sake of her mental health, it polarized the sporting world. However, for Normani, there was no doubt about where she stood on the issue.








“I’m proud of her for choosing herself,”Normani said about Simone putting her mental health before all else. In fact, she admired the courage Simone displayed by taking that decision.

“I don’t think a lot of people would’ve been able to do that, but it’s very admirable and inspiring to me,” the singer stated. Clearly, Normani isn’t alone, as Simone inspired millions across the world by taking a stand for mental health.





Moreover, USA Today even named her one of the Women of the Year 2022 for using her platform to advocate the importance of the issue.


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