Verstappen ‘teases’ Hamilton in promotional video with various apps on his past glory

The 2022 Formula 1 season is now underway, but a commercial for this year’s F1 season has caught the eye in Sweden. In that announcement, old footage is paired with apps supposedly sent by drivers or team owners. For example, the video opens with Ricciardo apping that he wants more shoey’s, to which Lando Norris replies with a vomiting emoji.










Charles Leclerc also makes an appearance, who is reminded of his crashes in Monaco by Sebastian Vettel. During the video, Nikita Mazepin and the Sochi Autodrom leave the chat and Kevin Magnussen takes his place. The most remarkable conversations are those between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, with the Dutchman allegedly sending apps to the Brit with all trophies and a picture of Hamilton with a teat in his mouth. After this, of course, Toto Wolff ‘s shout-out cannot fail to come.






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