The way Simone Biles was attacked at the Olympics made her ‘ashamed of our country’: ‘They are humans’ says Leslie Jones

Leslie Jones, known for her live tweeting during the Olympics, was disappointed to see celebrated gymnast Simone Biles treated the way she was by some after she abruptly dropped out of of the team competition in the July 2020 Olympics in Tokyo (held in July of 2021), citing mental health issues. The Texas attorney general even called the athlete a “national embarrassment” and a quitter.






“This is what people need to understand: It’s not enough just to be physically fit for these Games. You have to be mentally fit for these Games. One doesn’t work without the other. And the pressure that is put on these athletes has to be enormous,” Jones told the New York Times in a story published Wednesday.





“The way that they attacked Simone Biles, I was ashamed of our country because, first of all, most of the people that complained were sitting on their fat asses on the couch.



You’ll never do a cartwheel and you have the nerve to talk about someone and tell them that they let the country down? We have to start taking accountability that they are not actually superheroes.






    They do make it look like they’re superheroes, but they are humans.”


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