Simone Biles’s stunning look on Y2K

Since the recent announcement of Simone Biles’s engagement, the Olympian has been a delight to keep up with — especially when it comes to beauty trends she’s championed. We gushing beauty nerds couldn’t help but admire her chic manicure in the engagement photos (it was simply hard not to). There’s also Biles’s take on protective hairstyles, like braids, which we’ve been anticipating more of.



If she isn’t taking a stab at a protective styling, she sticks to wavy hair — a signature look that we’re certainly partial to. This go-round, she gave things a little spruce on her Instagram on March 2 with adorable pigtails that are a classic Y2K hairstyle. As if we can miss that dazzling ring — and again, that manicure — either. I definitely had to take a peek at those almond-shaped nails, painted in a black and white French manicure.





Alongside her barely-there makeup, Biles’s hairstyle of two wavy ponytails takes me way back to the glory years of the early 2000s, when Baby Spice made bubblegum pop fun with a similar style of a split bang and half-up-half-down waves. One point for the millennials who can not only master this look today but remember how huge this hairstyle was on the pop-star veterans who actually lived through the trends.


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