Simone Biles Gives Fans Update on Her Wedding Location

“A Destination Wedding”: Simone Biles Gives Fans Update on Her Wedding Location

The marriage of Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens is going to be a special occasion. Jonathan Owens proposed to her during Valentine’s Day and Biles said yes. And now, their wedding planning is already underway.





In Biles’ latest Q&A on Instagram, she revealed how she is planning her wedding and what they have in mind for their venue.

They have planned to have a destination wedding but the details of the location are unknown. Biles spoke about looking to search for a perfect venue for them to get married and somewhere close to the beach.








Simone Biles wants a beach destination wedding

The couple has organized a wedding planner to plan their momentous occasion. As they are building a new house, Biles has her hands full with planning days proving to be tight. Thus, the hiring of a wedding planner would help them chalk out the duties and plan appropriately. In the latest Q&A, Bilestalked about the destination wedding and how they are still searching for perfect locations for their wedding. A glorious occasion it would be!

“We are still in hunt for the perfect wedding venue. It will be a destination wedding. We’ll be visiting soon, so fingers crossed we fall in love with this one,” said Biles.

She had earlier talked about her possible honeymoon destinations and wanting to have kids in the future. Hence, the wedding of Biles and Owensis going to be an event to be marked on calendars.

Owens’ surprise

During Valentine’s Day though, Biles did not expect the proposal from Owens. Being a day that celebrates love, she thought it was going to be normal. However, when Owens proposed to her, she couldn’t believe what happened.






“I was completely clueless, because it was Valentine’s Day, so it was like, whatever, it’s normal. When we got there the guy was like, ‘Hey, I’m taking pictures of all the couples coming through, yada yada, so I really had no idea,’” said Biles.







Their wedding dates are getting closer as extensive planning is going on with dresses, cakes, decorations, etc. With the wedding planner hired, there won’t be much of a problem. As for the destination, let’s just wait and watch to see what they have in store for us!


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