Man’s Best Friend’ – Serena Williams’ Husband Alexis Ohanian Questions His Dog’s Weird Way of Looking at Him

Serena Williams’ husband, Alexis Ohanian, is a very common name now, especially in the business world. His various business firms, like the Seven Seven Six foundation, have been a massive success. Moreove


Apart from his love for business, he’s also an ardent lover of dogs and animals. Very often, he posts pictures of his pet dog along with his daughter Olympia. Recently, Ohanian posted another photo with his dog, as he was driving a car.


Alexis Ohanian shows love for his dog

Earlier, Ohanian took to Instagram and posted an adorable picture of him and his dog driving. Interestingly, his dog was looking at him in a weird way. That’s why Ohanian posted this picture and in the caption, he wrote, “Man’s best friend. Adora does this all the time when we’re driving, it’s very weird.”




The dog’s name is Adora, and it’s a Beauceron breed. On many previous occasions, he posted pictures of Adora. One time, he posted a picture, where he talked about the weird sitting position of his dog. Then, he posted pictures of Olympia and Adora.



Serena Williams is taking her time for a comeback on the tour

As we know that Ohanian has been spending a lot of time with Olympia and his wife Serena. The same goes for the American tennis player as well, as she is also spending a lot of time with her family. Apart from that, she has also become really interested in cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and others.

The last time, she played in a tennis match was at the Wimbledon last year. Unfortunately, she had to retire from that match due to a hamstring injury. After missing out for over a year on the tour, she could make her triumphant return to the Wimbledon this year. Earlier, she talked about making her return to Wimbledon.



However, it will not be easy for her to play at her highest level straightaway. Moreover, she also doesn’t have a coach at the moment, as her former coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, is with Simona Halep at the moment.


Previously, she also talked about not giving up on her dream of winning the 24th Grand Slam title. Can she do it at this year’s Wimbledon? We will have to wait and see.


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