Lewis Hamilton: What is F1 superstar’s net worth in 2022?

The seven-time F1 world champion is the richest competing sportsman in the history of The Sunday Times Rich List.

His net worth for 2022 is £300m, an increase of £40m from 2021.

His annual earnings are £60m, according to Forbes.

Hamilton’s vast fortune is accrued through a combination of his contract to drive for Mercedes, and his personal sponsorships.

The Mercedes driver is contracted to his team until the end of 2023. His annual salary is £40m, the BBC reported.

He has lucrative deals with brands including Monster energy drinks, Tommy Hilfiger, Sony and Bose.

He has homes in the US, London and is based out of Monaco.

In 2020, Hamilton became the richest British sportsperson in the history of The Sunday Times Rich List, overtaking David Beckham (who retired in 2013).

He accrues a vast fortune but also gives away astronomical amounts.

Hamilton was named at No 5 on the Giving List, a part of The Sunday Times Rich List that ranks the highest donations to charity.

Hamilton has given £20m away to his Mission 44 foundation in the past year.

Only four people, including two billionaires, have given away more.


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