Lewis Hamilton subject of hilarious April Fools joke involving Max Verstappen and Red Bull

Lewis Hamilton was subject to a hilarious April Fools story on Friday saying that he was set to leave Mercedes for Red Bull. The Brit has endured a tough start to the new F1 season with the Silver Arrows. Yet that doesn’t mean he’s about to do the unthinkable and switch sides.

April Fools is a day where some unusual stories get thrown around.






And Carbuzz didn’t miss the chance to get involved, creating an article that stated Hamilton was poised to quit Mercedes for Red Bull.

If it hadn’t been a joke, what a story it would have been. It would, arguably, have been the biggest shock in Formula One history.







Hamilton’s relationship with Red Bull isn’t exactly the best given the controversy of last season, where he regularly exchanged blows with Verstappen on and off the grid as they battled it out for the Formula One title.

And the prospect of him acting as a secondary driver within their set-up is something no serious F1 fan can ever comprehend.







Embedded in the article were some funny ‘quotes’ from Hamilton, where the Mercedes star elaborated on his so-called decision to switch allegiances.


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