Lakers: NBA Analyst persuade Los Angeles Should Trade Away Anthony Davis

It’s an unpopular opinion, but at least one NBA analyst thinks the Lakers need to make moves, and trading Anthony Davis away this offseason is at the top of the list.
The Lakers did not make a single move at the trade deadline.



At this point, if you’re a fan in Los Angeles, you’ve heard that headline a thousand times over the past week. But a team struggling just to stay in the play-in tournament decided there were no deals worth doing. And that’s a problem.




The biggest issue for the Lakers was tradeable assets. They just did not have the pieces to get a move done that could have moved the needle for them. Whether it be on-court talent or draft picks, they had nothing to offer.




That’s why Stephen A Smith thinks the Lakers should look into moving Anthony Davis this offseason. The ESPN analysts spoke in depth about the possibility this week, and he thinks it’s the best way to prepare for LeBron James leaving Los Angeles.



Day one of the offseason, Rob Pelinka needs to be on the phone shopping his big man, just to see how much Anthony Davis is worth. Because whatever assets to the Lakers have to help them retool for what we all know is coming? That would be life after LeBron James.


It seems like a foregone conclusion at this point that LeBron’s time with the Lakers is limited. Not only is he 37-years-old, but he has also expressed a desire to play on the same NBA team as his son Bronny. Given Los Ange


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