“Have a Beer Everyone”: Sebastian Vettel Concludes Ill-Fated Canadian GP With Dejected Radio Message

Canadian GP was not great for Sebastian Vettel! The Aston Martin driver worked very hard with the car and almost looked ready to get some good points. However, things didn’t really favor him as he simply had to settle for a dull P12.

The driver’s weekend was off to a bad start, as he did not qualify for Q2. Even though Aston Martin had somehow managed a brilliant pace in the practice sessions, it was all gone and did not support the German.

Several Vettel fans hoped for a brilliant qualifying and race after that practice session spark.

Sebastian Vettel tries lifting team spirits

We heard Vettel say a few things after the race. Aston Martin has actually had a decent race given Lance Stroll finished in points. Plus, they’ve really managed to keep things together after a bad start to the season. So in conclusion, Vettel said, “Okay guys. Today was not our day. We were fast but not a single thing went our way.”

“Well done. Shame. At least we get a point. A shame, isn’t it. This whole weekend. Everything went against us. Ohhh. Have a beer everyone, you deserve it.”

Vettel, this season, has impressed many with his performances. He has finished a few races in points irrespective of the odds favoring him or not. From making that magical move in Baku to save his car and then, later on, qualify for Q3, he has really fascinated many.

The car has not been the most driveable at times, but Vettel’s experience and skills have allowed him to still perform. The Canadian race was simply not his day.


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