Hamilton avoids jewellery ban threat as FIA push back deadline

Hamilton was handed a two-race exemption after the FIA chose to stringently adhere to regulations in its International Sporting Code that previously had never been rigidly applied.

The FIA acted on the grounds of safety, drawing surprise at the time from the majority of the drivers in the F1 paddock given the organisation’s prior lax attitude on the matter.

Seven-time champion Hamilton was allowed an exemption due to the nature of a nose piercing that cannot be removed without minor surgery.

Talks have continued over the intervening period between the FIA, and in particular its president of the medical commission, Dr Sean Petherbridge, and the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association.

Petherbridge has acknowledged the difficulties regarding Hamilton’s nose stud, and GPFans can confirm the Mercedes driver can now continue to race with the piercing in place.


The FIA, however, recognises the wording of its own rules is open to interpretation, notably as drivers with wedding rings were initially banned from wearing the item but are now free to do so.

To this end, the FIA has opted to postpone the imposition of its rules until June 30, by which time the regulation will be correctly phrased and from then on implemented.

It means the British Grand Prix from July 1-3 will serve as the first race of the new FIA ruling.

The FIA had threatened the drivers with fines and the possibility of points being added to their licences, with the accumulation of 12 within a 12-month period leading to a race ban.

Mercedes driver Hamilton, who faced being fined this weekend for a first offence of the jewellery rule, can now head into the crown jewel of F1’s calendar free in the knowledge he will not be punished.


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