FIA release report as ‘human error’ blamed for Lewis Hamilton being denied title

It comes after the FIA promised a “detailed analysis” of the final laps after fans hit back at the outcome of the battle between Hamilton and Verstappen.

They said the report was conducted to draw any lessons from this situation” and provide “clarity” to participants and fans.  The report also addressed Michael Masi, who was fired as race director ahead of the season after the controversy.




The report claimed Masi was “acting in good faith” and to the “best of his knowledge”. However, it admits “human error” was to blame as not all cars were able to un-lap themselves before the safety car was ended. The report concluded the results of the race are “valid, final and cannot now be changed”.







The report said the decisions regarding the use of the safety car “took into account” previous discussions with team managers.  This made clear the teams “preference” to end races under green flag conditions rather than behind a safety car.

The F1 drivers’ consultation confirmed finishing behind a safety car “remains desirable” but safety “should always come first”. They confirmed a new software has been developed for 2022 which will automatically commuter which cars must un-lap themselves.

Other changes will see the interaction of a Virtual Race Control Room to scrutinise decisions after they are made.  Direct radio communications between teams and the FIA during the director will not be broadcasted.





This will help “protect the Race Director from any pressure” to ensure decisions can be made “peacefully”. A new race management team has also been introduced with two directors instead of one. Niels Wittich and Eduardo Freitas will alternate the role with help from FIA advisor Herbie Blash.


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