F1 urged to make key rule change after Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc’s Saudi GP duel

F1 bosses have been urged to consider changing the DRS rules after a second consecutive scrap between Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc. In both battles, Verstappen and Leclerc kept passing each other by taking advantage of the DRS on the second straight.






In Bahrain, Verstappen kept passing Leclerc down the first main straight before Leclerc got him back before turn four. In Saudi Arabia this came to the fore again with Verstappen passing on the first straight before Leclerc re-passed on the second.

The battle came to a head at one stage where both drivers broke ferociously in an attempt to be behind at the second DRS line. It means F1 has a new form of racing in 2022 which risks drivers racing DRS lines more than the cars ahead.







It has prompted an outcry from racing drivers and fans demanding the FIA tighten up the rules.

David Perel, a pro racing driver for Ferarri customer teams in the European Le Mans Series wants a massive reduction in its use.

He said: “F1 opinion. I think with F1 cars being able to follow closer we need to slightly tweak the DRS rules. Shorten the DRS Zone length by at least 30 per cent.






“Limit the amount of activations you can use per race. [It] Will make it more strategic and less of a DRS festival.”

Former F1 driver Tiff Needell also weighed in on the argument, suggesting this kind of racing was not what fans wanted.

He said: “Problem is that, having calmed down after the genuine excitement of the race, you remember all the enthusiasm that Jenson Button created with the battle for the last corner DRS line. But Grand Prix drivers deliberately not overtaking when they could? Is that really what we want?”






IndyCar’s Stefan Wilson added: “Why not just move the DRS detection line 100’ later in that final corner, would that not just be so simple?”

WTF1 has warned the battle could even decide the future of DRS in F1. They said DRS games were “not what the sport is about” and suggested some changes.





They warned F1 may decide to change the rules to ensure it does not lead to “dangerous outcomes” on track. They also said F1 should reduce the DRS usage to once per lap or a certain number of times per race.








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