“Don’t go near Hamilton” – Kevin Magnussen handed British Grand Prix warning….


Haas team principal Guenther Steiner has warned Kevin Magnussen to steer clear of Lewis Hamilton this British Grand Prix weekend following a pair of costly incidents.



Hamilton and Magnussen have twice collided on the opening lap of recent races, with the Haas driver coming off worse on both occasions.



In both Spain and Canada, the contact was determined to be a racing incident with neither driver penalised. In Montreal, however, the stewards forced Magnussen to pit to replace a damaged front wing.


Asked if he will instruct Magnussen to change his approach to race starts, Steiner said: “No. I always say, if I have to manage the start and the first lap for the driver, it is difficult to do.



“They need to know what they are doing and I think they know what they are doing.



“It [contact] can happen. Kevin knows now, third time, don’t go near Hamilton because, to be honest, both times, he has paid the consequences and normally that doesn’t happen.




“But if I have to tell a driver that you have to do this and this at the start because the start could end up, I don’t know.”

Steiner – Drivers cannot control other cars

There is a saying in motorsport that a race cannot be won on the first lap, but it can be lost.



Despite this, Steiner added he will not instruct Magnussen to tone down his attacking style in the early stages.



“You can tell them what to do, to go slow,” added Steiner. “Yeah, try telling them to go slow at the start.


“You know where you will end up and maybe somebody bumps into you.



“It is one of those things. I have been doing this for long enough and I tell the guys to do the best job they can and keep out of trouble.



“But can they guarantee it? No way. You are not in control of the other 19 cars.”


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