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Although Chris Smith can sometimes be an a-hole on the HBO show Peacemaker, according to star John Cena, the show had a “no a-holes” casting policy. John Cena explained that when it came to casting for the HBO Max show, there was one golden rule — “no a–holes.”

“Our crew is great because all we want to do is make a good show,” Cena told  “[Series creator James Gunn] will say himself that we’ve got that ‘no a–holes’ policy and that vetting process really helps when you start getting boots on the ground, because everybody on the team just wants to make a good show. We’re not fighting over who gets what, we’re not trying to jockey for a bigger piece of the pie.”

According to Cena, it’s that shared goal of making a good show that gives every cast member their moment in the sun. “Everyone who signs on knows exactly what the hell’s happening and I think that’s why we have such good rapports as castmates, as crewmates… That’s why everybody shines, because everybody wants to give everybody a chance to shine,” explained Cena.

Cena pointed to Vigilante actor Freddie Stroma in particular, who joined during filming after the original Vigilante actor, Chris Conrad, left the production. “Freddie was just no different. He came in and absolutely slayed,” recalled Cena. “Like I said, Vigilante is my favorite character. He made it into something really special.”
As Cena said, Gunn has also been vocal about not working with a–holes. Before casting Stroma as Adrian Chase/Vigilante, Gunn sa


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