all you need to know about Lewis Hamilton wife name, age,

Lewis Hamilton wife name, age, Instagram, all you need to know about his wife


Lewis Hamilton wife name, age, Instagram, all you need to know about his wife
By Eva D’Souza on October 23, 2021
Lewis Hamilton is a popular Formula One racing driver from England. He is one of the most successful players from racing and has a huge success in his racing career. His full name is Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton where he has huge championships to his name. Check Lewis Hamilton Wife Name, Age, Instagram, All You Need To Know About His Wife.
He is one of the most successful British players where his car number is 44. There are 282 entries in the game where he has 7 championships to his name.

He has 100 wins to his name and there are 176 podiums whereas 57 is the fastest lap.
Lewis is considered to be single and he is not into marriage or in a relationship as the sources say. Also, there has been no official announcement from the racer regarding his involvement in a relationship.

However, there were rumors about the racing driver being involved in relationships previously. Here are his rumored girlfriends where the racer was spotted publicly.

2002: Danielle Lloyd
There was news that Lewis dated Danielle for 6 months when he was an F3 driver. It was two years before she became Miss England. The model and racer met each other at the celebrity haunt 10 rooms and they continued their friendship after their split from a relationship.

2003-07: Jodia Ma

Jodia and Lewis were childhood mates where they met each other at the Cambridge School of Arts and Science. The couple dated each other for four years and parted their way after 4 years of relationship.

2008: Vivian Burkhardt

Vivan is a beauty queen where she represented Grenada at the Miss World pageant in 2007. The couple dated each other for a few months in 2008 and later parted ways.

2008-15: Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole and Lewis were dating each other for seven years but the couple parted their way after being in a long-distance relationship.

Later, they both disconnected from each other a year after a break-up.

2015: Rihanna

Rihanna and Lewis have been friends with each other for a couple of years. Later, they were rumored to be dating each other in 2015.

2016: Rita Ora

Rita and Lewis were spotted at the various locations together however, the couple was never confirmed their relationship publicly

2018: Nicki Minaj

Nicki and Lewis were spotted together and there were reports of couple dating each other. The two were spotted at New York Fashion Week together.


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