“$53,000 fine incoming”– Lewis Hamilton almost touches Red Bull; FIA could be involved after Red Bull asks context….


Lewis Hamilton was spotted passing by Sergio Perez’s Red Bull car; F1 Twitter calls out media for giving improper context to images.


Teams are delicate about their car designs, especially if they’re at the top of the grid. Thus, even touching other cars after the race completion is no less than a sin for the FIA as it could attract the drivers a hefty fine.



Last year, Max Verstappen was charged around $53,000 for touching Mercedes’ W12 right after the race. Now, Lewis Hamilton, who was passing by cars way after the end of the race, was seen passing by Red Bull’s rear through a narrow channel.

The Briton was spotted having a proper look at the car at that time. Seeing the proximity, many Red Bull fans have asked for a similar fine to Hamilton by FIA. Though, many fans retracted after a video appeared where Hamilton passed by the car without touching it.

Meanwhile, Erik van Haren reveals Red Bull has sought FIA to give the context to the images that appeared. The Milton-Keynes-based team is yet to provide an official statement on it. Meanwhile, Mercedes defended the seven-time world champion.

According to the rules, the cars aren’t allowed to be touched at Parc Ferme. The Twitter users have pointed out that this incident didn’t happen at Parc Ferme, so technically, Hamilton can get away with it.


F1 Twitter upset media for spreading misinformation on Lewis Hamilton

In the aftermath of this video, Twitter saw another battle between Verstappen and Hamilton fans. Many think it would be absolutely ridiculous to penalize Hamilton over this. Meanwhile, fans have also called out the media for their careless reporting.





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